My Christmas Vacation…So Far

So I posted our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pictures. Now, let me fill you in on what I’ve been doing on my vacation.

  • I have thoroughly been enjoying my break. I spent last week organizing and cleaning. We were supposed to have house guests last weekend, but those plans changed.  I wanted to see them, but it was cool with me because our junk guest room was (and still is) a mess! *Do any of you have a room or closet that your totally ashamed of? LOL*
  • I sold our ’98 Accord. I got it right before my senior year in college. Once we bought our Civic, Hubby only drove it to and from work. Our service consultant for Honda bought it. A few months ago, we thought there was something majorly wrong with it and took it in for a diagnostic. I mentioned to the consultant that we weren’t putting a lot of money into it because we planned to get rid of it. He expressed interest in buying it. *We found out the problem was a loose gas cap.* One of the perks of Hubby’s promotion at work is that he became eligible for the company lease program. So, at the beginning of the year, we will get a BMW X5 for the price we currently pay for our Honda Civic! *That price includes maintenance, insurance & taxes!!!* How sweet is that?!
  • I’ve continued to send RJ to daycare everyday, that they’ve been open. I used to think that at times like this, I would keep him home with me, but nope!  Here are a few reasons why I decided against it:


  1. We don’t have relatives in the area so we rarely get a break. If we do, it’s for a few hours with a babysitter.
  2. They were open and we still had to pay the tuition.
  3. I needed and wanted a break even if it was for 8 hours a day and with Hubby working, it was a way for me to get a break and feel like I’m actually on vacation.!
  • So far, the highlight of vacation wasn’t something that happened to us, but something we did for someone else. Every year our church has a giving tree. It is filled with Christmas wish lists from less fortunate children & elderly adults. Normally, our family chooses a list from the tree fulfills the wishes. Somehow, we missed it this year. I think we were out of town. Anyway, I still wanted us to do something for someone else. So, I decided we would be “Layaway Angels”!! Though, I made the decision the day after the deadline to have Christmas layaways out, we were able to pay for one. It felt great especially since she missed the deadline, they would have put the items back. I didn’t ask what the items were, I just told the cashier my price limit. The cashier said the “Layaway Angels” had been a blessing to do many families, including her own. I’m very happy we were able to help someone.
  • Hubby is off Friday, and RJ’s school is still open. So, Friday is Mommy/Daddy day!! We’re going out to lunch and maybe catch a matinee:) I’m excited!

I hope your vacation is going well! Are you spending it checking off a to do list or relaxing?


  • Reply Kita December 29, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    I loved that layaway angels thing and hopefully next year when my car notes are finished I will have the extra money and do the same for a family because it feels good to give.

    • Reply Jenni December 29, 2011 at 2:43 pm

      It was the best feeling!! I definitely want to do it again.

  • Reply Amber December 29, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Yay! Looks like you’re having a wonderful winter break! Enjoy your time off with your hubster on Friday!

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