M. I. A.

“It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you…”

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA, but it has been hectic at the M Spot. We began last week with our first bout of daycare cooties! RJ and I battled a virus that struck three other students in his class. I quickly learned that a sick Mommy has to suck it up and deal when the baby is sick too. Luckily, the virus didn’t strike RJ as hard as the other kids. He never got a fever or vomiting and his demeanor never changed. However, he had to stay home for two days because of diarrhea. He never had that issue before, so I had no clue what do. Thank goodness for pediatric nurses and the internet. I followed the advice given and loaded him up with a diet of bananas, apples(binding agents) and formula(dehydration prevention). Gradually, we got back to normal, but I know it was just the beginning. Daycare: The Gift and The Curse 

SN: Today was RJ’s first day being in daycare ALL day!! He cried a little when I dropped him off this morning, but he had a great day! I don’t start the new job until Friday, but he will be going all day, everyday this week so that I he can get use to what will be our new schedule.

My last day in broadcasting is this Thursday. The only thing I’ve really been worried about, since accepting the new job, is health insurance for RJ.  His 9 month check up is in a couple of weeks. Though, I will qualify for insurance at the new job after 1 month, not 3 months it took at my current job, that wouldn’t be soon enough for his check up. I’d been scrambling to get the necessary paperwork so that Hubby could put the baby on his plan, with as little lag between coverage as possible. So, imagine how relieved I was when my HR rep told me that because my last day is the 4th, our benefits will be paid through the end of this month!! That means RJ will still be covered for his check up and there will only be a a few days of lag before I qualify for insurance at the new job!! Whew, I felt as though a weight had been lifted and finally began to look forward to my new beginning, stress free.

So, here I am with 3 1/2 days left before my life changes forever! Tomorrow my co-workers are giving me a farewell lunch. I will really miss them. I just hope I don’t cry in my pasta!  After the lunch, I’m going to pick up the baby from daycare. Then, he and I will join some other co-workers in a small commercial shoot back at the station.  It will be his first tv appearance! *I’ve filled in for in-house produced spots before* Hopefully, Hubby will pick him up on time because the thought of directing the 6 o’clock news with an 8 month old on my lap is fodder for a comedy! SN:  I’ll let you know how his big debut goes! LOL

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  • Reply MrsTDJ August 4, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Glad to hear that RJ survived his first full day and his first round of cooties!! *lol* Sending you good vibes for your first day tomorrow!!

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