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Wow! I so many topics running through my head right now.  This is what happens when I don’t update this blog consistently!LOL.

Okay first things first. The  Biltmore House was beautiful!!  It was also HUGE.  We had a great time.   I want to go back in the Spring when the flowers are in bloom.  If you have never been I highly recommend it.  My favorite part – the wine tasting! I bought 4 bottles.  Yeah I can get them from Publix but I like to bring wine back from places we visit.  It’s becoming my “thing”.   If you do go, wear comfortable shoes and take the audio tour.   Oh, a little side note:  That night we went to dinner here in Greer at Justin’s. I’ve been wanted to go there for a while.  It was quite an experience, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves!! Not like last year when we request the private wine cellar but just by chance no one else was there.  Yes the food is great.  It was just one the those nights the waiter said the night before they were pack all night.

Moving on:  The Inauguration!!!!!!

Let me start by saying none of our plans for that day would come through.   After getting over the fact that we would not be there in person, I got geared up to watch with friends in Charlotte.  Well, it snowed there from Monday night to Tuesday.  We were supposed to get some as well but did not.  So because we were uncertain of road conditions we watch from our couch.

It was one the most memorable days I’ve experienced!  We watched coverage from 7am until we went to sleep @ midnight or so.  I was glued to the screen.  I cried the first time we saw them that morning on their way to church.  I cried when Michelle (why do feel like we are all on a first name basis with them?LOL) gave Laura Bush a going away present(was that not the sweetest thing?)  I cried at the seen of all the flags waving when the masses caught their first glimpse of the Obamas on the jumbo screens.  That sight was amazing to me.  The tears really came not when he gave his oath (botched or not) but when he was coming down the stairway alone on before the ceremony started.  He looked peaceful and determined and ready.   You can only imagine the thoughts going through his head.  What that moment must have felt like.  It was beautiful.  The girls were adorable, the ceremony was wonderful.    I watched Bush and Company fly away(didn’t know they made a ceremony out of that, it was kinda funny to me) We watched the parade.  Then I cried again when that had their first dance.  Beyonce was crying and I was right there with her.  Note:  They dance to the same song my husband & I danced to for our first dance! Awesome!

I can not put into enough words the emotions I went through on Tuesday.  I can’t wait to one day tell my kids about it.  (And show them the newspaper because I went out and bought it Wednesday morning!)

Moving On:  Serving my community!!!

I have always wanted to volunteer in the community but kept putting it off.  I would think oh it would good for me to be a Big Sister something like that but never act on it.  Well I finally feel compelled to DO something.  I have been inspired by our President’s call for us to serve our communities.  So I thought what should I do?  Our church bulletin had an article about volunteering to be a companion for an elderly person.  I have a co-worker that is in the program and loves it.  However, for a while now I have seen a posting  for Adult Education tutors in the bulletin and I have gravitated to that.  I like the fact of being able to see how I have been of help to someone.  My mother was also a member of the literacy association in our hometown.  I like the idea of doing something she did.  I’m also considering going into teaching and this can help me find out if it’s right for me.   So tomorrow my husband and I (yes it will be a family affair) will take the class to learn the ins and outs of being an adult education tutor.  I’m excited about the possibilities and being able to share our gifts with those in need.

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  • Reply Stephanie Clough January 26, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    Girl I LOVE doing community service!! I have become the community service QUEEN!!! I am glad that I did it because it actually helped me find my passion and purpose ( to help our Youth). I have been a mentor/volunteer for this non-profit organization called I am B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L for over a year and I just started volunteering for another organization this past weekend called The LEAD Foundation. I am B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L is an organization that empowers girls and young women to reach their highest potential by overcoming internal and external barriers to success and The LEAD Foundation focuses on “developing tomorrow’s leaders today” through leadership development opportunities that extend classroom learning. Girl, I LOVE this stuff!!

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