Let’s Play Catch Up


This morning I was got up with the goal of going to a Bodypump class.  Then, Hubby called to talk about something going on with one of RJ’s classmates.  After that , the thought of the going to the gym went away.  I ate breakfast, looked through my Feedly feed and decided, “I’m going to blog today!”

I had to actually look at my home page to see what my last post was about.  Turns out it a “random”, but the main thing that it was the day before I got my cardiac event monitor.  So, I’ll catch up up with that.  I wore the monitor for one month.  The monitor would automatically pick up on and record events.  However, I could also manually record events if I felt them.  I only manually recorded an event once in the 30 days.  I was thinking that the $200 I had to pay for the monitor was a waste and my doctor was going to tell me I was crazy.

About a week after I mailed the monitor in, my doctor called me.  He had received the 30 days of recordings from the monitor and was ready to discuss the findings.  He said the monitor recorded 6 events during that month! I was shocked because I’d only felt the 1 I manually recorded.  *The monitor makes noise when it records.  I’d heard the noise several times, but because I didn’t feel anything, I thought it was just a test.  It happened in church once and people at first people thought I phone was ringing and then I think they thought I was dying!*  My doctor told me I have Sinus Trachycardia.  It’s a condition where my heart rate excels sporadically, due to exercise, stress, fright or a little of anything.  He said I could go to the cardiologist and work with him to make it stop, take beta blockers to slow the heart rate or do nothing at all because it won’t kill me or get worse.  So, I’m doing nothing.  I’m just happy to know that what I was experiencing was not just in my head and I that I was able to prove that to my doctor.

The moral of the story:

NO one knows your body like you do.  Pay attention to it and don’t let people or doctors discount an issue you know you’re having.  I’m a Golden Girls junkie so:


I’m thankful my doctor was and is NOT like Dr Bud, but some are.


  • Reply Kita April 22, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    Girl I was like who is this in my feed lol. Yes pay attention to your body and know when something is wrong. I had to go ham on my sons dr to get him tested for allergies with all these days missed from school.

    • Reply Jenni April 24, 2014 at 11:41 am

      HA! I know, I just hadn’t felt like blogging. I’ve had post and ideas in my head,but no motivation to take the time to write it out. I’m glad you stayed on the your son’s doctors. He has been sick entirely too much for them not to exhaust every possibility. Besides, it just gives you comfort in knowing what’s going on with your child.

  • Reply Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama April 23, 2014 at 9:59 am

    wow! Yes girl it is so important to listen to your body, I have only just started to learn how to do that recently. I hope the cardiologist gets you back on track fast!

    • Reply Jenni April 24, 2014 at 11:46 am

      I grew up in a household with a dad with heart problems and hypertension and a mother with Lupus and diabetes. So, I think that taught me, early on, to be in tune with my body. It’s also heightened my awareness when something is wrong with RJ and my dogs! LOL

  • Reply MrsTDJ May 9, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    Hey girl, you know I don’t even blog on a regular schedule, so I just catch up when I can. LOL! Thank goodness I have my passwords written down because the computer was all like, who you be? Seriously though, I’m happy that you and doc came up with a diagnosis and that it doesn’t require medication or surgical action. All the best, hugs, T.

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