Let Go

So, it continues!  Two more people were let go at my job yesterday.  Their last days will be next week.  Wouldn’t it suck to continue to do a job at which you have basically been fired?  I mean seriously, stuff like that is what leads to news headlines:  Worker Kills Everyone tonight @ 11.   It’s not like they are really going to be focused and doing their “best” work!  It’s like giving a two weeks notice, you don’t really care what happens in those two weeks.  You are just ready to get the hell out of there!

At this point, we all know someone who has lost their job, a friend, family member or yourself.  The hard part about losing your job now is that there aren’t other jobs out there to get!  I go to work everyday wondering if it’s the last as do many others.  I guess all we can do is pray and prepare.

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