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My mother passed away almost twelve years ago.  I was having a conversation with my sister yesterday about our relationships with our mother’s and other people that we know and their relationships with their mothers.

I credit my mother for everything I am not and everything that I am today.  I remember thinking some of the rules placed on me as a child and especially a teenager were ridiculous.  Back then, I thought that my mom had no clue about  things.  However, I can look back now and see that she was dead on.  She had the great ability to be able to read people, whether it was boys that I liked or friends that I had.  Sometimes she wouldn’t tell me right away, she’d let me figure it out on my own.

The first time I really took notice to what she was saying was in high school.  There was a serious accident between my best female and male friends, at the time.  I was devastated and refused to speak to the boy.  At a basketball game he spoke to my mother and told her I wasn’t speaking to him.  Later, my mom told me it was was wrong that I wasn’t speaking to him and that he was a good friend and had done nothing to me.  Long story short, though we aren’t “best” friends now that guy is still a tried and true friend.  Even now he still has my best interest at heart.  The female, though I wish her well, is not a friend anymore.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve slowly gained that ability to tell sugar from  bulls**t!  Thank you Mommy! LOL

I’m grateful to my mom for teaching me the importance of an education, for reading to me as a child, for teaching my first prayer, for taking me to church, for showing how to keep my house in order, for showing me how to cook (and eating my flat homemade biscuits), for teaching me how to parallel park in the back yard, for quitting smoking, for getting me braces, for wanting to hear what happened in school today (an actually listening), for letting me go out with boy she knew I had a major crush on, twice(with a friend as an escort of course), for taking my phone out of my room, for grounding me when I was caught “making out” with Elijah at a school dance, for marrying my step-father, for burning my ears and neck as she straightened my hair with the hot comb, for letting me skip school so we could go shopping for my jr. prom dress, for getting me my first dog, Bristol and later my Lhasa Rocky, for allowing the guys on the football & basketball teams to eat lunch at our house after school because I had a crush on Jerrod!LOL, for getting me a pool even though I couldn’t swim, LOL,  for writing that letter to my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Valentine, after she threw out pork chop sandwich I brought for lunch!LOL, for buying me my first instrument, a recorder and later my clarinet, for allowing to have sleep-overs and to spend the night at my friends’ homes, for surprising me with my first coach bag in middle school after I begged and begged for it, for being my biggest fan and harshest critic, for my sense of humor and my huge smile, for always supporting, encouraging, loving and believing in me the way a great mother should.

I am truly my mother’s daughter!

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