Lent, Solids, Baskets & Baseball

So, we’re three weeks into Lent. Let me tell you, giving up Facebook and Twitter has been HARD! Not texting has been a little difficult but I really miss Facebook and Twitter. A few years ago I gave up white flour. I’m a bread, pasta and fried food girl, so that was a VERY difficult 40+ days. This promise ranks right up there with that! I just feel as though I’m out of the loop, but I like to think I’m filling my time with better things! RJ an I have spent some time out an about:) We enjoy each others company! LOL

Speaking of RJ, we were doing well with the solids for awhile, then he became tired of it. He was never a fan of the oatmeal, yesterday I bought him organic brown rice cereal, I hope he likes it! I finally purchased some storage containers, so now I can start making and storing his veggies:)

In other news, with Easter approaching, I’m already thinking about Easter baskets! A few days ago, I received a Pottery Barn Kids catalog and saw that they had beautiful Easter baskets with a variety of liners. I ordered RJ a small chestnut colored basket and baseball themed liner with his name on it, today:) I love the fact that the liners can be personalized and we can use the baskets year after year. Hubby has a basket that I bought him a few years ago. I can’t wait to start filling them both with goodies!


Side  Note:
It’s baseball’s Opening Day!!! Our Yankees flag is flying high!

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