It’s Iggin Me

  • Hello my name is Jennifer and I love the movie Stomp the Yard! I loved the music, stepping dancing and most of all the eye candy.  However, when the sequel came out I didn’t go see it.  Well, while channel surfing a few nights ago, I caught the last 15 minutes of the Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming. Those few minutes validated my choice not to pay an arm & a leg to see the movie in the theater.  Ummmm…ummmm…What The Hell?!!! How do you take the fineness who are Columbus Short, Darren Henson, Brian White and Laz Alonso and replace it with the likes of David Banner??!!! Where they do that at?! Ok, Pooch Hall is awight, but huh? Thank goodness for the few glimpses of Columbus I was able to catch or I would have be too through!
  •  First, let me just say, if you or someone you hold near and dear to your heart is a supporter of or takes part in this, it is my personal opinion that you need to RUN  not walk to your nearest mental health provider!  The other morning, I was watching The Today Show and saw this story about “reborn dolls”.  For those that didn’t see the story, female baby boomers are filling a need to nurture their now adult children by collecting and caring for realistic looking dolls.  One lady drove to some gym with the doll in a car seat! There is no need for me to go on about this, is there? I’m just saying collecting dolls is one thing, but a grown a** woman putting a doll in a car seat and taking it to story time at the library…. I mean Ann Curie was  interviewing these chicks as they are rocking and doting on these dolls as if they are humans! You can tell she’s thinking “There are days I love what I do and then there are days like these!”
  • Speaking of The Today Show, who told them that all of their regular viewers, such as myself, wanted to be force fed hefty doses of Sarah Palin this morning? Was there a vote? If so who voted? I had to click over and see what Gayle was talking about  on CBS This Morning! *Note to The Today Show: Don’t do that again!*
  • Finally, we are process of getting rid of the carpet on our downstairs floors and replacing it with a laminate floor.  For about a week, I’ve had various floor installers in and out of the house for estimates. Some for just removal of the existing floors and installation of flooring we would purchase separately. Some for the whole kit and caboodle, purchase of flooring, removal of existing floors, and installation. Yesterday, I met with the final candidate. This was the only large chain we had come in.  He showed me their product, which came with a good warranty but didn’t look as good as others I’d seen.  He went through what I’ve come to know as the usual steps of opening and closing doors and measuring.  Then, we sat down to discuss $. He pulled out his trusty calculator and got to work. He then, very pleased with himself, presented me with the total.  He was $5,000 OVER our highest estimate!!!  *That includes a kit and caboodle installation of hardwood flooring.* He gave me the deal about how much better their product is and blah, blah blah. Then, he got on the phone with his manager to work out a “better” deal for me! Whatever! A note to businesses out there who meet with the lady of the house and think we’re just going to fall for the okie doke! THINK AGAIN!! I’m no dummy.  I’m not falling for that “deal” you “worked” with your “manager” in front on the phone in front of me.  Oh and you say he  “never” makes an offer like that?? Oh really? The “deal” that put the price closer to where it should have been from the get go? Whatever! No one in their right mind would pay that high ass price I was quoted without getting a “deal”. Did I mention we were looking a laminate floors for 640 square feet?! I hope he found another fool because “She” was not the one!


  • Reply Saywhatuwanna (@colorcoated10) April 3, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Stomp the yard 2 was horrible and I did not watch after 15 minutes.
    So I can’t get the doll that looks like a real baby and carry it around with me on my back and stuff……..but why lmbo
    I love the today show but not today they did not get my viewer rating
    We need new carpets also but we don’t want to put any in until we see what the future holds.

  • Reply MrsTDJ April 4, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Laz is quite a tasty morsel to gaze at, isn’t he? I’ve actually never watched Stomp the Yard, but I need to since I’m fan of his and Columbus.
    I hate when folks try to get over. **smh**

  • Reply Cam | Bibs & Baubles April 4, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    the re-born doll… huh? pure insanity!

    as far as the floors. I hate when people try to get over on me. just because i’m a woman doesn’t mean i don’t know my stuff.

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