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Yesterday, I went into work an hour early to make sure I wouldn’t miss any of the Michael Jackson memorial.  It was a beautiful service. I’m sure many are tired of the MJ coverage and there have been the comments of  “he was this or that” but I simply don’t care about that.  I read another blog where the writer was commenting on someone who posted,

“PLEASE PLEASE don’t take this the wrong way. BUT – why are so many Blacks so crazy about him when he didn’t seem to WANT to be black and he had white wives and white children? Seems he turned his back on his people.”

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album is the first album I remember in my mother’s collection.  He was probably my first superstar crush.  Yes, I found some of the things concerning his appearance “unsettling” and I would question “why” he do that to himself, but I didn’t feel he didn’t want to be Black.  Ultimately, I felt he just wanted to Be someone/anyone other than himself.  I feel he would have taken the same measures, no matter what race he was born into.

I believe Michael was  the best at what he did and that he had a very giving spirit.  I also think he had deep rooted emotional problems that lead to self esteem issues, as ironic as it may be.

As far as the white wives and children go, my husband is white and I have no idea who my children will take after, as far as skin color goes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE being Black.

Some may not understand how you can mourn someone you have never met or known personally.  The thing is,  Michael Jackson and his music are tied to my memories.  When I think of him, I think of my mother in our Brooklyn apartment, of being a child trying to emulate his dance moves, I think of his performances at the America Music Awards, the Superbowl, of seeing the “Bad” video for the first time and countless other occasions.

So, I mourn for Michael because he was someones father, son and brother and I know what it feels like to lose someone that you hold dear.  I also, mourn because he and his music are permanently connected to my own memories. They added to and/or created the joy of  many moments in my life.  For that, I will always be a fan of Michael Jackson.  I will appreciate all of him, the good and the troubled, because all of him is present in his music. Music that is not only HIStory but a big part of mine as well.

August 29, 1959 - June 25, 2009

August 29, 1959 - June 25, 2009

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