In with the New…Part 2

Well, our furniture was delivered today but not without some hiccups.  The headboard for our bed was not on the truck, the hutch part of the entertainment center was damaged and the harp and finial for the floor lamp was missing! Then, we waited around the house for the possible delivery of a temporary bed rail.  Of course, at 4pm we received the call that they would not be able to deliver it but we could go to the store to get it.  Why didn’t I get that option to start with?!

Despite the headaches, I LOVE the furniture! We still have some projects to tackle, but after 3 years, our house is becoming a home:)

*The harp and finial will be mailed to us, it will be another week  for the repair and headboard delivery. *

*Special thanks to my two co-worker/friends who came over and helped Ralph move our armoire upstairs.  Lord knows I couldn’t help him do it.*

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