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I read Kim Kardashian’s statement via her blog, this morning.  I can kind of understand.  Everyday people get married KNOWING it is to the wrong person.  Granted, the weddings are usually on a much smaller scale and not broadcast on a cable tv network, but it happens.  I’m sure many of us know a married couple who just should not be together, but we attended the wedding, bought a gift and danced the Electric Slide at the reception!  However, many of the couples we know are still suffering together and in turn we have to suffer through the “why did I get married” issues.  At least now, Kim and Chris will be free to find the right partner for them.  Should they have gotten married in the first place, HELL NO!!! Anyone who watched the wedding special (yes, I did) knows there were too many questions and not enough answers.  Many will say well they only dated for what 3 months what do you expect?  It’s not the length of the dating (my husband and I dated for only 8 months before he proposed), it’s what you talk about and agree on during that time.  Hubby and I discussed living situations, kids, money, religion and everything under the sun.

Do I think this ruins the state of marriage? Not for me.  I think anyone uses Kim’s story as a benchmark for marriage and a reason for not getting married, is an IDIOT!!  As for the “what example does this set for kids?” idea, I think sometimes we don’t give kids enough credit.  My step-father lived with my my mom and I for years before they actually went to the courthouse one day and got married. When I pictured my self as an adult,during that time, never thought oh I can’t wait to just live with a man when I’m older.  I ALWAYS wanted to get married! They had a solid relationship both ways but I always imagined myself as a married woman.  I want my kids to look to my marriage, flaws an all, as their FIRST example of how a real marriage works.  Sometimes it’s not pretty, but sometimes that’s how it is.  So, I don’t think Now, do I think 72days is enough to try and make a marriage work? No. However, if you know in your heart of hearts it was just the wrong decision, I guess rectifying it after 72days is better than after 50 years.   Let’s be honest had this come 3 years down the line, some of the same things would be said then.  My husband and I work everyday at our marriage, whether we realize it or not. I believe it is an ongoing process that won’t end until one of us meets our end.

SN: If in fact this was a true and honest relationship, these are my thoughts.  *I personally believe it was, it wasn’t a smart relationship but a true one.  I think we can all admit to being in some relationships that weren’t so smart.*  I think the cost of the wedding, though a beautiful event, could have fed a small African village for many years!  *However, some may think the amount of money spent on my own wedding was too much. *Roughly $15k-$20k, that total is rehearsal dinner to honeymoon and everything in between. *Many aspects of our wedding were gifted  to us by very generous family members*  I’m not sure why a felt the need to justify the amount spent my wedding with the previous sentence, though it was the case…

PS This is my 200th blog post!! WOW:)

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  • Reply kita November 2, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    Marriage is not easy whether it was fake or not is not my call. I know people who have dated 1 month and have been married for years. I hope she did marry him for love and not for money as everyone says. I only spent about 5,000 dollars on my wedding and that included everything. We were broke and had a lot of hookups lol. I think marriage is a beautiful thing but it takes work.

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