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RJ has a little over 2 months left in preschool! I can’t believe this chapter is coming to an end.  His K4 graduation date has been set. A few hours after the ceremony we will take to the friendly skies and surprise him with a trip to NYC to see family and get in some vacation time.  I found a great deal on flights for the 3 of us, so we’re passing on making the usual 12 hour drive.  It worked out perfectly as he has been asking for quite some time when he’s going to fly on a plane.

In December, we switched from the a gym that offered the spin classes I loved to the YMCA.  I didn’t want to leave our gym, but with RJ getting older, we would be utilizing the Y more for camps and after-school care. Plus, the Y is A LOT closer to our home.  I was really hesitant, but switch has been a good decision, overall.  One of the aspects I love is Parents Night Out. Every month, the Y offers 4 hours of childcare on a Friday night at no extra cost to us! *I believe there was an extra fee at our old gym. We took advantage of this for the first time this past Friday. RJ made some new friends and we had a great time.  I’ve already signed him up for this month’s PNO!

I’m officially over winter and ready for spring. I cleaned out my containers last weekend and they are ready for new flowers and herbs. *I need to swap out that doormat too

prepping containers for spring planting

My tulips, my fave flower, are coming up in the front of the house, but the thing about tulips is once they bloom…it’s over.  So, purchased new bulbs to plant in front that will bloom through the summer when the tulips will be just a memory.  I, also, plan to spruce up our grill with some spray paint.  I really want new patio furniture,but that may be a lofty goal… we’ll see.

grill in need of spay painting and sprucing up


Still working on my pantry closet overhaul.  During a recent trip to Costco I found a good deal on a set of OXO storage containers.  So happy I never caved and bought them from Target or Bed Bath & Beyond.

I entered the lottery for the White House Easter Egg Roll. We were didn’t get tickets:(

Since we didn’t win a lottery spot and my dreams of seeing Michelle and Barack were dashed, I made our reservation for Easter Brunch at one of our fave spots. Last year I waited too late and they were booked. We ended up at a perfectly fine place for brunch, but I’m happy we’ll be back at our standard place this year.

Hubby’s birthday is Wednesday. RJ has convinced himself that we’re buying Daddy Giants’ football pads. *5 year olds are weird*.  Anyway, that is NOT the case. We’ll take him to dinner somewhere and I see a new electric razor in his future.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?






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