I am Not My “Natural” Hair

I’m nine months into my transition from chemically relaxed hair to natural hair (relaxer free).  The process is going well. I have decided to have my hair straightened with heat during the process and not chop off the relaxed ends and start from scratch.  Most people still think I’m getting a relaxer ever 6 to 8 weeks but I’m not.  I have several friends that are going through the process or have been through it and are still using heat to straighten their hair.  I know when most people think of natural hair for Black women, they envision braids, twists, afros or bantu knots. Well I’m not saying I will never where my hair that way, but I prefer to wear it straight.  In many “natural hair” circles, the method my friends and I have chosen is frowned upon.  Apparently, we aren’t “truly” natural.  This is such Bullsh**! Why does every thing have to be a measure of Blackness?! How you speak? What you wear? Where you live? Who you date or marry? Now it’s extending to how you choose to style your hair?! There are so many bigger issues that exist.  It’s funny how people will say “be your own person” but when you try to be that person, it’s frowned upon!

I’ve learned that doing what makes me happy and what I feel comfortable with is what’s best for me.  I refuse to deny who I am and who I have always been to fit into what some may want me to be.  So, I’m going  to continue to whip my half natural/half relaxed, heat straightened hair back and forth. If there comes a time when I want to switch up my style, I’ll whip that too!

 The article that inspired this post: Not Natural Enough

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  • Reply Stephanie Clough November 18, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    Ha! I know I am sooo late but I am just catching up! OH girl I have had that “natural hair” conversation with quite a few people who choose to wear the kinky look! So until someone comes up with another word for someone that doesn’t have a relaxer in their hair but wear it straight I am going to continue to say that I am NATURAL!!!! LOL

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