How We Did 4

Our trip to Legoland for RJ’s birthday got off to a rocky start.  My child cried and declared he wanted to go home for the first 30 minutes we were there.  It started in the first room where they show you how they make the legos.  I don’t know if he thought the lights weren’t bright enough or what, but it went downhill from there.  Then, we got on a ride that took us through some dark rooms where you shot lasers guns to save a baby dragon. That did it.  He was over Legoland! I, on the other hand, was not going to accept that we drove two hours and he hated it.  Plus, we had nothing else planned, and 3 hours to kill before we met friends and family for dinner.  After Hubby talked him off the “go home” ledge, we made our way to the well lit parts of the attraction and things got better.



It doesn’t look like it, but he was happy in this picture!

By the time our trip was over, we had been on the “scary” laser ride two additional times and he left happy. Even though he left happy and enjoyed himself, I think we’ll be scratching Legoland, well the smaller ones, off our list.

My child his a huge seafood lover, he get’s from his mama.  We decided to surprise him and take him out for a seafood dinner after our Legoland excursion.  To help us avoid Atlanta rush hour traffic, my brother did some research and found Coast Seafood and Raw Bar.  It was only two miles from Legoland and had all of RJ’s faves on the menu.  In addition to my brother and his girlfriend, I invited a couple of friends to join us.  I made a reservation the day before and we were set. The food was good. RJ had his fill of clams, mussels and crab legs, and he was in heaven.   He even converted his 5 year old friend, Timothy, into a clam lover!  I must say it was a very “adult” restaurant for a 4 year old’s birthday dinner.  However, they did have kid’s menu, though the items RJ wanted weren’t on it, and were very welcoming to RJ and Timothy.  I would also, suggest making reservations because the restaurant was practically empty when we arrived, but packed when we left.




Overall my boy had a great birthday! Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us during his 4th year!

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