How $30 Turns Into $1,100 + Tax

My day started with some hiccups. Raf and I switched cars so I could take his in for that “oil change” this morning. He didn’t put gas in it last night and attempted to put some in this morning before he left. Both gas stations near us were out. He took my car(with gas to work) and I had to pray(yes it was that little gas in his car) I could make it to a station with gas. I found it had unleaded but was out of everything else. The price was $4.07 it was $50 to fill up an Accord! Of course once I had the gas as I drove to Honda for the service, every other station had gas well below $4. I didn’t want to chance running out looking for cheaper gas so I went with the first station I knew had some. My luck got worse.

As I stated in yesterday’s post, I was sure Honda would find some wrong with the car. Boy did they ever!!!

I went for an oil change the Guy says,”You are due for a major service.”

I say, “How much?”

Guy says, “$400 but there is a filter in that service you can do without for now so $333″

I want to cry! Instead I say, ” OK”

Then Guy says, ” We checked your fluids the transmission fluid replacement is included in the service but your power steering fluid needs to be replaced.”

I say,”How much?”

Guy says, “An additional $150 and you will probably need tires very soon.”

I want literally feel a tear fall. I say,” Change the power steering fluid but just give me a price on the tires.” I take the shuttle home.

Guy calls me and says, “The tires are $100/tire (of course I need all 4) $400 also, we found a crack in your radiator, when it goes you will be stranded and it will mess up your engine and the hoses are crumbling and need to replace those too.”

My heart sank. I say, “How much?”

Guy says, “$600 you can still go a few months without the tires so you can wait on them but radiator needs to be fixed now!”

I say, “Do the service + the steering fluid+the radiator.” Who needs silly old tires anyway? LOL  I think I now have take out one of those “shoppings” on my trip from my previous post.  DAMN Honda!!!

This is the story of how a $30 oil change turned into a $1,100 + tax service!!! Thank goodness tomorrow trip to Honda is cover under warranty!!!


  • Reply Husband September 29, 2008 at 9:48 pm

    I will shed a tear with you

  • Reply Stephanie Clough September 30, 2008 at 11:44 am

    OH WOW!!! They are in the business of getting money so they are just doing their job!! LOL

  • Reply Godmother (Gloria) October 2, 2008 at 6:21 am

    Oh my God please don’t let that happen to me. Today is the day my car gets inspection. Wish me luck and send a prayer my way. I sure hate to spend $1100 on my old vw passat.

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