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This Saturday I’ll be 37weeks! That’s full term:) We had our first weekly doctor’s appointment today. Blood pressure and weight are great.  Though, I now have swelling in my feet and hands, my blood pressure levels have been great so the docs aren’t worried.  I had a Group B Strep swab today.  It’s a bacteria that can be passed to the baby during delivery.  I find out if I’m positve next week.  If so, I’ll have to take antibiotics during delivery. 

I had my first internal check for dilation & effacement, today….there is NOTHING happening down there! So much so, my doctor told me she won’t even check me next week unless something drastic happens! The baby is head down but hasn’t dropped. He or she is just hovering over my pelvis! I am mearuring one week ahead however, when the doctor used her hands to feel the baby he or she doesn’t appear to be big. To be sure of the size, she scheduled an ultrasound for next week.  She thinks I just look like the baby is big because I’m carrying so high. 

Other News:

  • Our last baby shower is tomorrow. Yes, there is yet another one! LOL
  • I’m still working on thank you cards. I don’t know why this is such a chore, but it is.
  • My goal is for everyone in the house to have a bag packed and in the car by Sunday.(Dogs included)
  • Two weeks from this Saturday, my in-laws will be here for their week long stay! My Godmother will arrive right after they leave.(I convinced her to get a one-way ticket!) She will be here for a few weeks:)  


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