Here and There

The crib is up! I just need to order the mattress and the bedding.  The wall prints I order arrived this weekend.  We are slowly getting things done.  We don’t have much time left.  I’m very happy to report that both shower dates are set! The SC one will be September 18th and the one in NC is set for October 2nd.  The little one also recieved a box of goodies this weekend. *Can you say spoiled?!* 

I spent this past weekend in Tampa for my girlfriend’s graduation. She recieved her PhD:) It was my last trip,longer than 3hrs, before the little one arrives. I had a great time with old and new friends.  I even went to a club…well a restaurant that turns into a club!LOL Yes, I was the only obviously preggo chick, sippin cranberry juice and eating Tums, in the place! That did not stop me from getting my party on! *I think I felt the little one do the bankhead bounce a time or two!* I even encountered a blast from the past! LOL  Good times were had by all:)

Back on the home front, the Hubby was painting his heart out! Now, with the exception of the closets, every space in the house has my color stamp on it!  Of course, he was under the close supervision of the girls.


I LOVE this crib:)


Very happy day!


Freshly painted hallway:)

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