Hello 2012… Thanks 2011…

The New Year is underway!! I spent New Year’s Eve sick in bed.  I was feeling better by the time the ball dropped, and was able to keep one eye open to watch it.   This past year, as with every year had it’s ups and downs, but it was a good one for our family.  In the future when I think of 2011 a few things will come to mind: It will forever be the year Hubby and I both got what we wanted, career wise, a promotion and permanent position for him and a job I love and allows more family time for me.  As well as, the year we watched RJ morph from a helpless infant to a rambunctious little boy, right before our eyes.   I’m looking forward to this year. I know it won’t all be smooth sailing, but in my 32 years I’ve learned that some of the storms in our lives are blessings in disguise.  So, I’ll try hard not to fret when obstacles appear.  Do I have any resolutions, no. Do I have things that I’d like to work on to make my life better, yes.  Shouldn’t we all?

As for this blog, last year I tried some new things.  I found some awesome twitter/blogger friends and I admire their dedication to blogging.  For a second, I got caught up and fooled myself into thinking I wanted to do the same. Then, I realized, that’s just not me. If you read this blog on as regular basis, you know, there isn’t a blog to read on a regular basis! LOL   “Hi, I’m Jennifer and I’m a sporadic blogger!”  Do I love my blog? Yes! However, it’s not in me to crank out a post five days a week. Hell, most of the time it’s not in me to write a post every two or three weeks! If blogging has taught me anything this year, it’s know your lane and stay in it!  So, that’s what I plan to do.  We’ve all fooled ourselves into do something because someone else made it look so awesome.  The key is in realizing somethings just “ain’t for everybody”.

Anyway, I’m really excited about this year and all that it has to offer.  I wish you and your family great blessings, good health and lots of love in this New Year!



  • Reply Kita January 4, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Lol it’s ok at least we get to keep up with you every now and then. I think if I worked a full time job I would not be blogging at all probably just on weekends and then again that would be time for family. Happy New Year and wishing you a blessed one

  • Reply Amber January 4, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    Happy New Year, dahhhling! I’m right there with you about the blogging frequency thing. When I picked up my second job teaching, my writing slowed down dramatically. When I have down time…I’m a writing fool! But down time isn’t much of a reality for me these days because LIFE is happening! I do love blogging though, so I plan to keep it up and feel less guilty about not writing as often as I used to.

  • Reply MrsTDJ January 4, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    Girl, PLEASE!! Blog when you feel it. That’s why things like Google Reader are so useful. I follow almost 200 blogs, some daily, some monthly, with everything in between. If it’s new, it’s highlighted. No stress whatsoever. Happy New Year!

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