I have no appoints and no gym today so I’m just relaxing at home with the girls before I head to work.  Oh and just FYI the girls are a real piece of work today!! Driving me NUTS!!  Anyway, I’m trying to start the year off right so I’m doing 4 days at the gym this week.  What was I thinking?! I missed an entire month with the changes at work and the extra hours.(Also because I just didn’t want to go)  Besides the sessions I missed with the trainer just roll over and I don’t want to waist my money.  Not to mention the fact that I have been eating a lot and doing nothing!

I can’t believe my two year anniversary is next week!  The time is flying by I feel like we were just in Savannah for our one year anniversary.  We aren’t doing anything major this year. We are just going to spend the day in Asheville at Biltmore.  I get to free tickets a year from my job so Happy Anniversary to us!!  Also, we are taking a few days the following week to go to DC for the inauguration!!!  I didn’t get the tickets but we are going anyway.  It something I just don’t want to miss.

I want to wish my Bailey a Happy Belated Birthday!!! She turn 2 yesterday!! Oh course her Mommy got her a cake and some ice cream. LOL Brooklyn got a cupcake or “pup”cake as well:)

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Happy Birthday Bailey!

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