Half-Way There!

Today is a great day! I’ve reached 20 WEEKS, the half-way point in this pregnancy:) It has gone by so fast.  I’m so excited! I’ve started to feel little flutters again. This time they are lower so we have decided that it IS the baby and not just gas, like before. LOL

We are slowly but surely getting things together.  My friends are hard at work on a baby shower, set for October. Also, my God-Sister is getting started on a shower in September.  My sister sent the little one’s first gift, last week.  The car seat and second base and an outfit….she wanted to make sure her niece or nephew would be safe and cute!LOL  I registered us for an all day, childbirth class in September and we’ve started working on a closet storage system in the nursery. 

 We have our second and last ultrasound, Monday!) This time, the baby will look human!LOL  I can’t wait to see that little face, arms, and legs.  If we were finding out the gender, this would be the ultrasound for that as well, but we aren’t.  So hopefully, the tech will be savvy and the little one won’t be showing off the goods!LOL  If we find out by accident, NO we aren’t going to you!  It will be our little secret:)

20 Weeks....Half-Way There

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