HairStory: 8 Months After the Chop

Here I am eight months post big chop and this post!! Last Thursday, I finally made it the the salon to have my hair flat ironed.  I had an appointment a month or two ago, but RJ was sick and I had to cancel.  Well, RJ was also sick last Thursday, but Hubby stayed with him and I was able to keep my appointment. *BTW: RJ is 100% now:)*  So, off I went to the salon for a wash, deep conditioning, steam treatment, trim and straightening.  It was the first time a flat iron touched my hair since I had the relaxed ends of my hair chopped off. *I’m enjoying taking two minutes to wrap my hair as opposed to the 10-15 it takes to twist it every night!*

Since my chop, I’ve experimented with a variety of products and some techniques. Here is some of what I’ve learned about my hair:

  • Wash n Gos aren’t for me
  • I like my hair in an afro, but it gets dry and tangles to much.
  • I like to wear my hair in a puff but the prevoius problem occurs so I limit that style as well.
  • Twist outs work best for my hair with a little styler or some moisturizing agent work best for me.
  • Once my twist out starts for lose it’s definition, spritzing with a mixture of water, olive oil & tea tree oil and then twisting brings it back to life.
  • Lotion type moisturizers work better for my hair than spray-in watery type ones.
  • My hair LOVES water!!

Products I’m using right now:

Tresemme Naturals conditioner (co-washes & detangling conditioner)

Kinky Curly Come Clean (when I shampoo)

Olive oil (sealant)

Kinky Curly Knot Today (leave in)

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (styler)

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque (I was using this as a deep conditioner but wasn’t impressed. Currently looking for a new deep treatment)

H2O, olive oil & tea tree oil spritzer

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