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This past weekend, I attempted to do my hair for the first time since I had the relaxed ends cut off. Friday night I washed and conditioned my hair then proceeded to try a wash n go (wash hair, put some moisturizing product on hair and hit the streets). I used Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in conditioner and Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. I had a head full of tiny spiral curls and I liked it. However, this all took place at almost two in the morning, so instead of a wash and go out the door, I did a wash and put my hair in a bonnet to dry and go to bed!
Saturday morning I woke up bright an early to check out my do. I found a dry, small afro. It wasn’t awful, but it was the curly moisturized hair I saw in the mirror a few hours before. I didn’t have time to play beauty salon so I put on some more leave-in and Curly Pudding, threw on a head band and rocked my mini fro. I actually liked it. It is definitely a low maintenance, go-to do!
Later that night, I washed my hair again, to get all of the product out that I put in the night before, and did a twist set. My hair finally did what I wanted it to do when I attempted this set a couple of ago. It twisted all the way to the end!! Well, from the middle to the back did it perfectly. I believe the front of my hair still has a few strands of relaxed hair present. Though it was nowhere near the issue I had the first time, but I had some twist with straight ends. I let it go the first night but when I retwisted Sunday night, I used rollers on the twists with straight ends.
I continue to overwhelm myself with natural hair blogs. I believe if I read one more product review, my head will explode! I’m trying to ease up and slowly find out which products and regimen work best for “my” hair. It’s quite a learning experience, but I’m enjoying it!


Me, my love & my mini fro!


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