Great Weekend/Dog Drama

I had a wonderful weekend with my girlfriends! Charleston is great.  It’s crazy that I grew up an hour from Charleston but had to become an adult to appreciate it!  It was good to hang out with the girls laughing, eating and drinking.  We’ve already started planning the trip for next year:)

I came back to reality, Monday, when I took Bailey to the vet.  She was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.  Our vet, suspected this could be the cause of her skin issues and inability to lose weight a few months ago but we were trying to rule out other causes.  She has gained about 4 pounds since May and her skin very flaky and irritated.  They did blood work and confirmed she has a thyroid problem. It is treated with pills, of which she will need to take for the rest of her life!  We go back in a month to be sure that she is getting the right dosage of medication. If it’s not right, we will have to take her back every month until it is regulated.  After that, she will go in every six months.  This may seem like a lot to go through for a dog but she is our BABY and we want her to be happy and healthy. If testing and pills can do that for her, we are all for it.

WU Crew~Charleston Weekend

WU Crew~Charleston Weekend

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