Good Weekend

My weekend  was good.  How was yours?  I didn’t do anything special but it had some high notes.  We were very thankful to find out we now have lower mortgage payments.  Also, we are soooo loving escrow surpluses right now!!  Every blessing counts no matter how big or small.   I found a console table, at a reasonable price, for the downstairs hall.  Now to get something to go on it and the wall above it.  The list never stops. lol  I’m also searching for an Autumn/Thanksgiving yard flag.  The Yankees one has run its course for now.  Next year guys! The ones I’ve found are either too big or for Halloween or Christmas…Yes Christmas!!  Macy’s was having a sale.  Words I should never hear,lol.  So, I finally bought the peep toes I’ve had my eyes on for months. Loving them and can’t wait to wear them!!  All in all good weekend.  Hope yours was too.

My long work week started Saturday.  I won’t be off again until the 23rd!!!! It’s 12 days but it will feel like 36.  Trust have NO IDEA! Thank you Mr. Profitt, you are officially off my work husband list!!  If I didn’t get paid for overtime I would be soooo pissed!  I’m praying for patience.

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  • Reply Stephanie Clough October 13, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    I LOVE the shoes girl!!!! weekend was good! One of Tim’s friends that play for Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave us two tickets to come to the game on Sunday (against Carolina Panthers) so we went to Tampa Saturday and came back last night! It was VERY VERY hot but it was nice!!

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