Good Day

Today was a good day even though it started way to early. The girls both had grooming appointments @ 8am. It was Brooklyn’s first trip to the groomer. She doesn’t have long hair so I’m able to wash her myself. She does, however, shed a lot so she had her first experience with Furminator. It cuts down on the shedding.

So from 8am to 4pm I was alone!! It was great. I spent two hours in Barnes and Noble looking through home decorating books. Then I went to every home furnishing store looking for pieces to put my plan together. I found a lot of things that could work. Now that the brainstorming is done I can begin to implement the plan.

After picking up the girls, I came home and cooked dinner. I was in a cooking mood and wanted to try this roasted Cornish hens recipe I saw on Down Home with the Neelys (fun show). I substituted a whole chicken and made mac & cheese, rice and collard greens. I did use Glory canned collards to save on time. While I cooked to the tune of Michael Buble (yes I like him and own a cd!), Hubby enjoyed his favorite new toy. No, it’s not his PlayStation 3, but his new Kirby vacuum cleaner! LOL Don’t even ask!! At least, I will never have to vacuum again!

Dinner turned out great(like I would say it didn’t). Now I’m going to have a glass of wine and get ready to watch Barack Obama make history! It’s back to work tomorrow.

The girls looking cute and smelling good!

The girls looking cute and smelling good!

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