• The in-laws have left the building. We really enjoyed the company.  It was great seeing Hubby and RJ interact with the rest of the M men!  They kept me laughing an a good time was had by all! Can’t wait until the next visit.

  • Just a few more hours until I can login to Facebook and Twitter and send a Happy Easter text message to everyone in my phone’s contact list!!!!  I’m so excited. Yes, my plan is to login right at midnight! LOL

  • RJ an I went on a bit of a shopping spree today! He is my favorite shopping companion, he never says, “Don’t buy that!”.  I picked up some things for the both of us. He should be set for the Summer. I still need some capris and shorts.

  • Speaking of shopping for RJ, I have a little rant.  Why is it SO HARD to find dressy clothes for little boys his age?!  Every time I turned around in a store, there was a frilly “Easter” dress staring me in the face.  However, all I could find for my son were sweater vests and plaid shorts! Then, the items I considered getting him had some animal on it! WTH?! I was beyond pissed.  Little boys go to church and like to look nice too!  I finally gave up! He will be wearing a nice pair of “dressy” shorts and a white polo I bought at Baby Gap.  Ughhhh! These baby boy clothing designers need to do better!

  • The Easter baskets are all set! Well, RJ’s is I’ll wait until later to fill Hubby’s.  He doesn’t know where I hid his basket goodies! Of course I’ll take and post pics.

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