Getting Ready!!

I’m gearing up for a very busy week.  It never fails, but the days before you head out of town always seem to be hectic!  We are headed to NYC this weekend.  Which is cool but now I just have to make it through the other 9,000 things I need to get done before then.  My goal for today:   to do two weeks of lesson plans! (this will be my greatest challenge), do something outside(weather is awesome) and make a great birthday dinner for my Hubby.  Bright and early Monday, Brooklyn has her yearly vet check-up, Tuesday I have doctor’s visit, Wednesday class, Thurday hair(saving grace: appt is local/no CLT), Friday EARLY morning drop off of girls @ beloved Petsmart Hotel then CLT airport.  Not a lot on paper but considering I’ll remember little things I need to get from the store, I’ll have to pack and go to work(plus we are in “THE BOOK“-ratings that is)…it won’t be fun!

The highlights:

  1. I love love love love New York!
  2. I get to see fam and friends! (we are going cram as many of them into this weekend as possible-no time for shopping- but can’t wait to see my sister)
  3. I finally have my costume together.(What a chore that was) I’ll take lots of pics!
  4. Get to see my in-laws new home! (they became homeowners for the 1st time on Friday)
  5. Short work week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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