Well, our childbirth class went well last week.  We learned some breathing techniques and Hubby learned some massage techniques that are supposed to help.  The childbirth video wasn’t that bad even though it was of a natural birth.  I’m still a fan of epidural but I may put it off a little longer than I planned.(When the pain starts to hit, you know that’s going out the window, right?!)  We, also, toured the maternity ward.  I was shocked to find that there is no nursery. I was looking forward to going to the window to ooh and awww at other people’s babies.  However, that’s not how this hospital operates.  The baby will be in our room from the start.  There is a NICU but unless the baby needs medical attention, he/she stays with mom.  It was our plan to keep the baby with us, but I didn’t realize it would be a rule. 

Our first every two-week OB appointment went well.  We saw that last of the five doctors in the office.  I have to say he was my least favorite.(Yes,  I have been ranking them!)  It’s not that he was rude or anything.  I just felt like he was rushing.  Thank goodness I had my questions written down because he was like well everything is great, see you in two weeks.  I had to speak up and say “Hey I have questions” if not, he would have been gone.  If he’s on call when I go into labor, I hope he’s not in such a rush then. 

During that appointment, I asked to see my 3hr glucose test results.  He showed me the ranges they were looking for and my numbers were excellent for each hour:) He also said the baby was measuring at an average size, right where he or she should be.  So far, no colossal baby on the way for us. 

Hodge Podge:

  • I’m on day 5 of a 7 straight day work week.  Needless to say, I’m sooo over this stint! 
  • Our first shower is next weekend:) I can’t wait!
  • Right now my focus is on getting our bags packed.  Yes, I know I have 9 weeks to go, but this is me we’re talking about.  I need a bag, Hubby needs a bag, baby needs a bag and yes, the doggies need a bag as well.  Why do the dogs need a bag? Well, I don’t know how long labor will last and they will have to go to the PetHotel for the duration.  I plan to talk to Petsmart about a standing reservation for them. 
  • We are getting in more baby gear. The takeover is beginning! The pack n’ play is up in the living room.  I’ve been playing the lights, music and vibrator so the dogs can get use to it.  Bailey wants to get in it, Brooklyn was ok until I turned on the vibration.  At that point, she was through with it!  

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