Full Term!

As of this past Saturday, I’m now FULL TERM!!!!  Now, I sit and wait.  The bags are packed an in the trunk. I just need to pack a bag of food for the girls, find a take home outfit for the baby and sterilize the breast pump accessories.  Sunday night, Hubby and I went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for our last nice meal without needing a babysitter.  It was wonderfully good!

Side Notes:

  • The tired and sleepy feelings have returned.
  • I finally went and got nursing bras this past weekend.  Finally, after almost 31yrs, I have breast!! I’m told they don’t last forever, but I hoping I’ll be the exception to the rule!*fingers crossed*
  • Bailey’s 6 month thyroid check-up went well. Her levels are good and her medication dosage didnt’ have to change.  We are currently trying to ween her off of her prescription, hypoallergenic dog food. It’s $60+ for an 18lb bag!!!  We have done a slow transition and have her eating the same organic food that Brooklyn eats.  Yes, it’s organic but it’s still A LOT cheaper per pound. We have tried this before but she would get sick…so far so good this time.
  • Our maternity pics are done now I just have to take the time to go through and order them!
  • We are excited about seeing the little on the ultrasound Thursday! It’s has been a month or so since the 3D pics!
  • We also have a car seat inspection on Thursday to make sure it’s installed properly.

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