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I’ve finally found a dress and shoes to wear to my friend’s wedding. The wedding is at noon on a Sunday, so it was hard to decide on what type of dress to get. I didn’t want to be to formal or not formal enough. I decided on a strapless black and white dress and a black shrug(just in case) from black house/white market. The ceremony is the first weekend in October, in NYC, it shouldn’t be too cold but you never know. Now, I only need a purse and accessories. Thank goodness that’s over!

Two weeks before that wedding, Hubby’s best friend is getting married in Charlotte, NC.  He is his best man. Deciding on a dress for that wedding was a breeze. The ceremony doesn’t start until 6pm, so it will be formal. I already own a formal dress black dress so I’m good to go there. Now if I can only remember to make our hotel reservations I’ll be even better!

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  • Reply Softer Side of Scott September 1, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Look out, here comes trouble. Jennifer/Carrie Bradshaw wearing a hot dress in the Big Apple.

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