First Step

Yesterday we spent six hours in our Adult Ed tutor training class.  It was very informative and helpful.  There were about seventeen  in the class.  Listening to the stories of the tutors who taught the class made me eager to get started.  I must admit, I’m a little nervous, I’ve had to train people at work but this task is so important.  I will have to write out lessen plans everything, it is a big undertaking.  In about a week or so we will meet one-on-one with the program manager and iron out any questions we may have.   After that, we will find out if we will have a class(made up of 5-7 ppl) or just one person and what reading level they are coming in on.  Then it’s off and running!!  In the meantime, we have materials and a book to read that will make us more effective tutors.  I’ll keep you posted as the process unfolds:)

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