EXTREMELY LATE Memorial Day Recap

I know this is super-duper late, but here is a recap in a few pictures of our Memorial Day weekend. We spent the weekend in the Lowcountry of SC (Charleston area) for my nephew and cousin’s high school graduations.

I’m very proud of my nephew. He will be following in his dad, my brother’s, footsteps and head to Parris Island in August for Marine boot camp. My brother is currently serving in Afghanistan until January and wasn’t able to be see him graduate. As I type this, I believe that my brother missed his own h.s. graduation because he left for boot camp… I’m very proud of both of them.

Proud Auntie and my nephew Tariq

My brother and his oldest son Xavier after his h.s. graduation last year.

We also attended the h.s. graduation of my little cousin Savanna. She will be attending  Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte this fall.  Actually, she is there already taking early courses. So very proud of her!

My little cousin Savanna!

We also went by the cemetery to take flowers to my mom’s grave.  We hadn’t been since Memorial Day 2011.  Last year we took this picture of RJ at the gravesite.

RJ at my mom’s gravesite Memorial Day Weekend 2011.

Here he is this year! What difference a year makes:)

Helping put the flowers in the vase.

Love the look on his face.

The vase is in serious need of a V8, but it will not budge from that lean!


  • Reply Say Something Kita (@Kreative10) June 16, 2012 at 11:23 am

    Congrats to all the graduates. I love Johnson C. Smith too. I have not been back to my moms grave since she passed in 2007 her friends keep her grave up every mothers day I just can’t right now.

  • Reply RosesDaughter (@RosesDaughter) June 16, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    That’s a lot of graduations! Awww! Your baby has so much hair!!

    • Reply Jenni June 17, 2012 at 4:04 pm

      @ Roses Daughter – That hair is his blessing and my curse! I love it but he hates to have it washed and detangled. It may not make through the summer!
      @ Kita – She has two older sisters who graduated from JCSU. I use to visit my mom’s grave weekly after she first died and just talk to her. Then, I went to college and would visit when I went home. I don’t go home much since my dad died in 2005. So, whenever we’re down we try to make it to the site.

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