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A couple of weeks ago I noticed a mole on Ralph that he had been aggravating thinking it was a pimple. He already had a standing appointment with our dermatologist so told him to make sure gets a full body mole check and have the doctor look at the one he had been bothering and one in his navel.  Well, it turns out the ones I was concerned about were fine, it was one on his stomach that brought up a red flag for the doctor.  He gave Ralph the option of watching the mole for any more changes or having it removed.  My husband being the doctor “chicken” he is told him he would watch it.  My reaction was typical me “Are you kidding me? Make an appointment to have that thing removed NOW!” Why would you watch it?  If it’s something serious, (which the doctor says he believes it is not but is concerned about it) they will remove it eventually. The doctor said if it was on his back he would have just removed it then because would not be easily visible.

Ralph will have it removed this afternoon.    Those that know my husband know he has very pale skin.  He got sunburn in 50 degree temperatures in San Francisco last summer!  He should never go outside without sunblock.

Regardless of our complexions we all need a barrier between us and the sun.  I tend to forget due to my skin tone and only put it on if I’m going to the beach.  However, I should wear it all the time.  Before our trip last summer, I never thought anyone could get sunburn when you still have to wear a heavy jacket outside.  Our doctor told my husband we should check each other’s body every month for new moles and ones that may have changed. Ralph’s mole is darker than the others and the border is different.

Here is a link for what to look for when you “Check Yourself” or your loved ones:

Skin Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

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