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I’m just saying

I'm just saying

I’m Just Saying…

RJ has a little over 2 months left in preschool! I can’t believe this chapter is coming to an end.  His K4 graduation date has been set. A few hours after the ceremony we will take to the friendly skies and surprise him with a trip to NYC to see family and get in some vacation time.  I found a great deal on flights for the 3 of us, so we’re passing on making the usual 12 hour drive.  It worked out perfectly as he has been asking for quite some time when he’s going to fly on a plane.

In December, we switched from the a gym that offered the spin classes I loved to the YMCA.  I didn’t want to leave our gym, but with RJ getting older, we would be utilizing the Y more for camps and after-school care. Plus, the Y is A LOT closer to our home.  I was really hesitant, but switch has been a good decision, overall.  One of the aspects I love is Parents Night Out. Every month, the Y offers 4 hours of childcare on a Friday night at no extra cost to us! *I believe there was an extra fee at our old gym. We took advantage of this for the first time this past Friday. RJ made some new friends and we had a great time.  I’ve already signed him up for this month’s PNO!

I’m officially over winter and ready for spring. I cleaned out my containers last weekend and they are ready for new flowers and herbs. *I need to swap out that doormat too

prepping containers for spring planting

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I'm just saying

Conversation Difficulties

I finished reading Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes. I’m not a self-helpy, life lessons book kind of girl. However, this book kept showing up across my social media feeds. Let me just say the book All. The. Things. One of the chapters that stood out the most for me was Chapter 11, “Yes to No, Yes to Difficult Conversations”.

Many times, over the years, when I needed to have a difficult conversation with someone I avoided it like the plague.  I’d agonize over it in my head or vent about the situation to a friend.  In other words I drive myself and anyone who will listen, crazy! The conversation would never happen and the relationship would just dissolve into thin air as if they never existed. Unresolved feelings still unresolved.


A few days after finishing the book, I had to have a difficult conversation with someone close to me. I knew the situation needed to be addressed, but I didn’t want to hurt the person and honestly, I didn’t want to be hurt either. In the meantime, I was in a pissy mood with any and everyone because as I avoided the issue, it festered inside me and pissed me off even more.  The cycle of crazy!

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I'm just saying

The “Brows” Have It

Almost nothing beats the feeling you have after getting you hair done or wearing a fab new outfit. Nothing, that is, except getting your eyebrows done! I was 15 or 16 when a friend of my Mom’s questioned the state of my brows.  To be frank, she said, “You need to do something with those things!” I’d never given my eyebrows a second thought before that.  I took her bluntness to heart and I’ve been grooming my brows in some way, shape or form ever since.  Who knew that even with a fresh “do” and fly outfit *are we still calling things “fly”* if your eyebrows are in disarray, it’s just not the answer?!

I started out tweezing my brows myself, then at some point, during my acrylic nail phase, I also let the ladies in the nail salon wax my brows.  This was ok, but proved problematic as I experienced some wax mishaps that resulted in use of a brow pencil.  More than that, was the shape of the brow, which seemed to always be a thin half-moon no matter what the natural shape and arch of my brows were.

Around the time we moved to our current city, I started to hear about threading, but it was hard to find someone to do it here. I was also seeing a dermatologist to get my skin together for my impending nuptials.  With the meds I was taking, I had to avoid waxing. Luckily, a co-worker told me about an eyebrow Guru who did threading at local chain salon.  I made my first appointment and I was hooked.  She gave my brows shape and I was able to go longer between threadings than I had with wax.

The Guru was in HEAVY demand and only available with an appointment.  If I missed an appointment, I had to wait weeks before I could get back in.  I loved the Guru. I never had to whip out an eyebrow pencil with her and she was always able to make my brows as symmetrical as possible.  I don’t know about you, but my brows are like my boobs, they are not identical twins!  The only hiccup was the appointments.  Sometimes I forgot about the appointment, my schedule would change in the weeks since I’d made the appointment or  just didn’t have the time to keep the appointment.  What I really needed is for the Guru to take walk-ins, but it was not to be.

Eventually, a shop specializing in threading opened in our area and they took walk-ins! Jesus heard my cry! I ditched the Guru and went to the new shop. It was great to go whenever my brows were in need and I had the time. The first few times were great.  Sure, I noticed that the tech broke more thread than a little bit as she did my brows, something the Guru never did, but I was happy. Well, you know, you’re always happy until you’re not. The thing about the new salon, you never knew who you were going to get. The first aesthetician was great and then she disappeared. The 2nd was pretty good, no broken thread! The 3rd…well I left her chair with a full brow and a brow that was a throwback to my nail salon waxing days, half-moon and making a mad dash to Sephora for a brow pencil.

A glutton for punishment, I went back. I would always go with at least 4 weeks of growth, and ask to keep my brows as thick as possible. The 4th would make a point to say that one of my brows isn’t as thick as they other.  However, as I said, one of my boobs is slightly bigger than the other, but they both fit in a B Cup.  So I wasn’t understanding why all of a sudden the thickest of my brows was stopping them from looking similar. Also, this new shop had me using a filler brow pencil more than I ever had.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

The growing out process.

I’ve grown tired of these ladies making the brows I’ve had for 35 years be the problem and not their lack of technique or care. I’ve been growing out my brows for the last few months. It’s not cute but it’s necessary. Sometimes you have to say to hell with convenience and go with quality and consistency. I’ll be returning to and sticking with my Guru from now on. I’m sure my brows will be happy and so will my Mom’s friend.

Have you ever left something that was tried-and-true for something new? Was the “new” better or not worth the switch?


I'm just saying

Once Again It’s On

This year, I’ve posted exactly 2 posts, TWO! So, when my Bluehost account expired last week, part of me was like “So long, see ya sucker”. Obviously, blogging hasn’t been my thing this year. I mean last year I only posted 17 times, not a lot in , but a greater feat than 2.  Did I even want to do this anymore? I know profiting from this is not my cup of tea, 2 posts is proof of that, but I really like getting my thoughts down on virtual paper and having a digital scrap book of the growth of my child, my family and myself. Bluehost gave me 21 days to reup or they were kicking me to the curb and this “Life” of my mine would be lost in cyberspace.

Well, on my way to work this morning I got an idea for a post. It’s nothing Earth shattering or deep and thought provoking, but something I wanted get down and I wanted to post on my personal space. Not Facebook or Twitter, but here in the space that I created for myself.  That post will be coming soon.

In the meantime, here I am an once again it’s on!




I'm just saying

Thoughts & Things

We spent the Saturday and Sunday in Charlotte with friends, something we haven’t done in a couple of years.  *Life is hectic* Anywho, our friend took an usie using his new Android phone and I was IN LOVE with the picture quality. Hubby and I each have the iPhone 4s.  The selfie photos are grainy and awful.  I not saying I’m leaving #teamiphone, but a new phone is definitely in the near future.

10 years ago this guy introduced his best friend to his sister/friend/coworker and the rest is ourstory...

10 years ago this guy introduced his best friend to his sister/friend/coworker and the rest is ourstory…

I’d convinced myself that I was going to spend my Fridays off this summer repainting the downstairs of our townhome.  I’m kinda over the green that I loved so much.  Well, just the thought of taping off the walls is too daunting.  We hope to put this house on the market in a year or two. So, the new owners will have to get rid of my green walls!  Instead of painting, I’m going to finish organizing my kitchen, laundry and coat closets.

Have you ever been on the fence about something and felt your indecisiveness was hindering how you moved forward? Well, that has been me for the last year or so. I think I’m finally comfortable with my decision and it is well because I’m starting to see beyond it. Know thyself.

Hillary Clinton has done what we all knew was going to happen and announced she’s running for president.  I’m kind of meh on Hills right now.  We need more people… Not as many as those running for the Republican nomination, but more people.  This girl needs options.

One of my friends started an exercise accountability group on FB.  I joined but the constant notifications from other members of the group are annoying me!! That’s partly because I only know the person who started the group. Therefore, I could careless about what the other women are eating or if they are too sick to workout this week.  The other issue is I don’t think constantly writing down that I stayed in my calorie range or that I did or didn’t workout is for me. *Yes, I post the occasional Spin class or sneakers on pavement IG shots, but daily? Nah* Moral of the story, accountability groups aren’t for me. The more you know…

This weekend my job is hosting its 50th anniversary gala.  One of RJ’s teachers is going to babysit.  Another teacher is getting married at a local park earlier that day. She invited all the teachers and kids in her class.  In an effort not to miss the wedding, the babysitting teacher is going to pick up RJ and take him to the wedding with her.  Then, they’ll come back to our house for the remainder of the night and we don’t have to pay her for the early hours.  We tried a sitting agency and really liked it and another teacher kept him 2 weeks ago.  With now immediate family in the area, I’m all about babysitting options.