Catching Up

Easter was great! We went to Mass that morning, and then headed to St. Matthews to have dinner with my one of my oldest friends and her family! A good time was had by all:)

RJ has become an excellent eater! He no longer takes a couple bites and then spits out the rest. He is cleaning plates!! I’m still making is veggies, all organic, and buying his fruits, also organic.  So far no allergic reactions to anything, thank you God! Here is what we’ve tried so far:

Oatmeal and Brown Rice Cereal ( he doesn’t care for either)



Green Peas

Sweet Potatoes


Carrots(I don’t make his carrots b/c of nitrates)

*I just finished cooking a Butternut Squash for him, as I type this.  So, we will test that for dinner:)  I have been buying Gerber organic fruits for him but yesterday I picked up Plum Organics brand Mango and Peaches to try out.  I’m really enjoying making his veggies! I’m enjoying  the fact that he is actually eating them, even more:)

I’m now weaning him from breast milk. It’s a bittersweet process. I love the connection with him when he nurses, but I want to be able to leave him and not worry if he has enough milk while I’m gone.  Also, I HATE PUMPING!!!! It is so inconvenient.  So, my first step in weaning is no more pumping! If I’m not around to nurse, I gets formula.

Mother’s Day is just a few days away. RJ sent his Grandmothers chocolate and photo coffee mugs with pictures of him & him w/them.  We still have to go get cards for all the other moms we know.  I ordered my gift this past Saturday. *Yes, you read that right* I told my husband, months ago what I wanted, thinking he would order it on his own. Yeah right! So, I ordered my gift from here.  It should arrive Friday, just in time for Mother’s Day:) I found out about the site from Holly Robinson Peete on The Talk!

*Side Note:

I tweeted her that I was getting a necklace from there, and she responded!! That was my first celebrity response to one of my tweets!!! Still trying to get Oprah to respond to me*fingers crossed*

Speaking of Mother’s Day, we are spending that day in the Lowcountry with family! We are also going to take flowers to my mom’s grave site. It will be the first time we take RJ to there.  Last time we went, I was pregnant with him.  *I’m taking lots of tissue with me*

Also, please say a prayer for my husband’s grandfather. He is in the hospital.  He is having a rough go of it, but we remain hopeful and prayerful.

Finally, RJ has become quite the mover! He crawls slides backward in combination with rolling.  Here is a picture to show how much ground my little guy can cover! I placed in on his gym near the television an this is where I found him!

Our Little Mover:)


Yes I did watch the Royal Wedding in its entirety and I loved it!!

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