I just got finished paying some bills online.  That’s my Friday morning routine. Friday is payday in this house!  Sometimes this task can be  stressful.  I’ll admit we gotten in over our heads a time or two, and but we made it out on the other side.  When I come to the point where I think I’ve exhausted all possibilities, I turn it over to God.  A simple prayer and leave it with him.  Sometimes the help isn’t instantaneous, He makes us sweat it out a bit, but the help comes.

As I paid the bills this morning, I thought, what a blessing it is that I can do this.  Not only do it, but still have money leftover when I’m done.  As I mentioned in the last post, two of my co-workers were laid of this week.  Also, a man that Ralph tutor’s, who works at Ralph’s job, will be laid off in June.  His wife has already been laid off from her job.  So this morning I felt and overwhelming since of appreciation for paying my bills. We both realize how blessed we are.   Anyone of us could be in their shoes tomorrow.

Yesterday my aunt passed away.  She was ALWAYS a loving and caring aunt to me.  When my mother got sick, I lived with her for a year until my mom was able to move to SC.   So, I guess we bonded very early on.  I loved her dearly.  However, I must admit, she was not as loving with everyone else.  My mother included.  My prayer for her is that she made peace with God at  the end of her life.  I will continue to pray for her soul.   Aunt Regina was my mother last surviving sister.  My grandparents had 13 children.  Now there is only my uncle left and he was the baby.  My prayer for my family is that they pray not only when things are bad but in good times as well.


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