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*Honda has my car once again!! This is the sixth time they have attempted to “fix” the water leak.  It took them six times to realize the company they had been sending the car to, had no idea how to fix it.  So, they sent it somewhere else this time.  Will they get it right this time? Who knows, in the meantime, I’m driving a Mazada 6.

*We went to dinner Saturday and then we drove around different neighborhoods looking at Christmas decorations.  For the first ever, I saw real live Christmas Carolers!! I have seen them in many movies but I didn’t think it was something people actually did.  It looked as though they had been at a house party and then just went caroling around the neighborhood.  That was nice.

*I have done NO Christmas shopping as of yet!! My dear husband can’t come up with a list. Well actually, he did mention a PS3 game an earrings( he has his ears pierced) but I’m not buying earrings.  This is all I have to go on I’ll figure something out when I finally make it to the stores!!

*From the Doggie File*

On Sunday, Brooklyn ate the power plug from the lights on the tree.  Thankfully it wasn’t plugged in.   We know it was her and not Bailey b/c poop doesn’t lie!

dog + christmas lights=trouble
dog + christmas lights=trouble

Image from cranky.pants @ flickr

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