Bits And Pieces

Against all better judgment, I joined Facebook. Why do I keep doing this to myself. It’s just one more thing me me to keep up with and then get tired of. I not use to it yet it seems a little harder to navigate than MySpace. I am being more lenient with my friend selection on Facebook than I am on MySpace. Yes, am friends with a lot of the same people on both sites but I’ve accepted and sent invites to many other . This whole networking site thing is getting out of control!

So my godmother wants to get me a Wii for my b-day next month. At first I said no because I would play it for a while and then it would just sit there. However, I given it more thought and I think I’ll take it. I have been wanted one for a while. I like that fact that you really have to get into the game and not just sit there moving your fingers on a control pad. So, Gloria, I changed my mind!! I want the Wii for my b-day. Besides, I’m running out of free hr long download games to play.

I’m really liking two songs right now: TI ft. Rihanna “Live your life” That’s my new ringtone! My co-worker told me it was time to let go of “The Boss” by Rick Ross, it’s still a good song though. Also, the Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” is growing on me. Of course, I a huge Kanye fan anyway but I like the song for some reason.

I can’t believe that next Saturday we will have been in our house for one year. Time does fly.

I also want to say happy anniversary to the Leonards!! They were married two years ago this past Tuesday.


  • Reply Husband October 10, 2008 at 9:05 am

    I am probably giving you a free one here. That Kanye song is growing on me as well.
    1 year. It feels great.

  • Reply Stephanie Clough October 10, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    Oh girl you will LOVE the Wii!!! You might as well go ahead and add it to your list of addictions!! LOL

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