Birthday Wishes and Lenten Promises

Birthday Wishes:

First, I would like to wish my wonderful Hubby a happy birthday! He is finally a member of the 30 club:) I think 30 is a big milestone, but he wants to keep it low key. So, we didn’t do anything. Having just planned RJ’s baptism brunch, I don’t mind low key. However, he didn’t request any fanfare! Not a luxury item, CD or even a PS3 game! Maybe that’s one of the differences between men and women. The year leading up to my 30th, I let it what I wanted, be known! A LV Speedy 30 handbag! No party, just that bag…an a NICE dinner! A girl has to eat! LOL
Maybe I can get him to go out to dinner this weekend. He needs to understand, “30’s the new 20, he’s so hot, still!” If you’re not a Jay-Z fan the previous line is not for you! LOL

Lenten Promises:

Today is Ash Wednesday,the first day of the Lenten season. RJ an I woke up early this morning an attended the 7am mass. As our priest says, attending the early mass, is the best way to get your money’s worth from the ashes!
This year, I’ve decided to give up Facebook, Twitter and text messaging. I’ve also decided to join the Hubby and give up red meat and pork. I’m not so worried about the forgoing the meat, but Facebook, Twitter and texting are my guilty pleasures. When I’m nursing RJ in the wee hours of the morning, I’m doing so, as I check Facebook and Twitter! My phone is the first thing I reach for when I wake up…sad but true! I constantly check both throughout the day. As for texting, it’s so easy just to send a text. “What do you want for dinner?” “How are things going?” “We are leaving now.” Who needs to actually pick up the phone? Actually hear someone’s voice? Where do they do that at?! LOL
For the next 46 days, I will be without all three of my biggest vices. I just hope I spend that free time listening to the sound of the voices of the people I love, reading the books I’ve been putting off or just enjoying the fresh air with my two favorite guys:)

I’ll keep you updated on my Lenten journey. I wish you blessings with yours.

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