RJ’s baptism was this past weekend.  I took Friday off to prepare and spent the day ripping and running.  I spent that night at home prepping and cleaning. It rained all day Saturday but that didn’t damper the mood.  Many of our family and friends came to show their support for our baby boy. It was a beautiful ceremony. He was baptized with two other babies.  All three of them behaved wonderfully! It was the first Catholic baptism I’ve ever attended, being that I’m a convert. Even with the three babies, the ceremony didn’t even last an hour.

After the ceremony, our guests returned to our home for brunch.  That was the most people we have ever had in our home!  We had a wonderful time eating, laughing and enjoying each other.  Too bad the guest of honor was so tuckered out, he fell asleep after being home for about 20 minutes. When he woke up, all the guests were gone! LOL  He did amass a sizeable cash collection.  We have been trying to decide what time of savings account to set up for him.  I considered a 529 account but discovered because  the account is tax free, he will be penalized if he uses the money for anything other than school.  Don’t get me wrong, education and college will be  and already is  highly stressed in our home, an excellence is what we expect. However, I also know that life happens an I don’t want him to lose money he may need when the unexpected happens. So, we decided to use an online savings account.  We have one already and like it.  The interest rates are a little better online than in a brick and mortar bank. Though, the rate is no where near as good as 6% we had when we first opened our account.  I just want to start saving for him, early. I believe that’s the key.  That, AND leaving the money there, of course. I want to teach him the importance of saving now.  A  lesson I’m still trying to grasp the importance of at 31. The plan should always be to do better for your children, right!  Hubby an I also plan to allocate parts of our paychecks to his account. Pay yourself first is the way to go. If you never see it, you can’t miss it!


Side Note:

For the past 3 years this blog has been private, meaning you can’t type the name into a search engine and find it.  When I started my Twitter account, I did put a link to the blog in my profile.  However, I’m not sure many people realize that.  Anyway, I’ve thought about it an I’ve decided to open the blog up to search engines.  In the coming weeks and months, I may also start posting some video posts and more video of RJ, as he becomes more mobile and vocal.  I going to try something new and see how far it can go.  When you notice the changes, let me know what you think.



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  • Reply David March 8, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    Congrats! One thing you might consider doing with the gifts is to give some of it to God. If you tithe it, you can be sure God will return it when needed. IT’s a good idea personally, too…you don’t have to start all at once, but graduate it every year…Start with what you can afford, and then increase each year.

    Welcome home, too…

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