For a couple of weeks now, Bailey our wonderful Cocker-Lab mix dog, has been throwing up in the mornings. It’s not every morning but it did only seem to happen between the hours of 5am and 8am. However, she is always right back to her normal fun loving self immediately after. Well recently it had become an everyday thing and she did it again yesterday afternoon with my husband. After it occurred this morning I called and scheduled an appointment with her vet for tomorrow morning. I went into work today for a few hours(someone called in sick so I worked a 1/2 day) and received a call from my husband @ 4pm saying that she had thrown up in her crate and again when he took them outside. I had him call the vet to see if they could work her in before closing. He took her in and again she was her normal self but it happened again while at the vet. Even the doctor said if he hadn’t witnessed her get sick he wouldn’t think anything was wrong with her. He checked her out, put her on a bland diet and gave her pills for the vomiting. He wants to see if that works before he does x-rays and blood work. He will call to check on her Saturday.

So far the bland food and pills have worked. She hasn’t gotten sick since getting home. Hopefully, that’s all she needed. I’m a little nervous because my best friend’s dog, who is around the same age as our Brooklyn, is very sick. He got sick a month ago and the vets haven’t been able to tell her exactly what’s wrong. She and her husband aren’t able to keep him and she is distraught, as I would be in that circumstance. It was a very tough decision for them. It so sad because I wholeheartedly understand how close you can get to your dogs. Neither of us has kids yet and our dogs are like our kids. You never want to see them in pain or have to think about giving them up.

It will take some time but I know my friend will be ok. They may have a found someone to take the dog that can tend to his special needs.

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