Baby Update

Well, I’m inching my way to the half-way point!*I’ll be 16 weeks on Saturday* A few weeks ago we had our first appointment with an actual doctor.  *My sister still can’t believe we didn’t meet with my doctor until 13weeks but that’s how this office operates* All was well with the visit.  That set us on our world tour of all the doctors in the office, 5 total.  So, we have just enough months left to squeeze them all in.  I’ve started the pre-registration process at the hospital and started looking into registering for the slew of classes we will need to take.  This time is flying by.  I’m looking forward to finally feeling the baby move, something that should begin in the coming weeks, and the second ultrasound, when the baby will look like a human being!LOL  The 2nd trimester energy is finally hitting me and the heartburn and nausea are leaving!

We still have lots to do: painting, nursery planning, baby registeries, showers and prepping the furbabies for the little one’s arrival….yep lots to do. 

At 14 weeks 2 days

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