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I spent a wonderful weekend in Atlanta with some great friends. It went by way too fast.  While I was out, Ralph painted the nursery:) It looks great! *Pics below*

 I’m fastly approaching 20weeks, the half-way point.   My stomach “popped” to 35 inches around at weeks 10 or 11.  Now, at week 18, I’m finally starting to grow again, measuring at about 37 inches around.  Still waiting to feel the baby move. I thought I experienced that 2 weeks ago but my doctor said it was just gas:(  I’ve finished the pre-registration at the hospital and the registries are up!  My sister bought our first gift and I’m expecting it to arrive any day now:) Time is moving FAST!

Prepping the office for the nursery transformation.


All cleared out and ready for paint.


It's now a nursery! The colors are: Hazy Dawn, Summer Rapture aka yellow and green


Baby's first onsies, teddy bears and books!


18weeks 1day

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