Baby Happenings

This past weekend, I saw my stomach move for the first time! That was most amazing thing ever! Ralph missed it but I’m sure he will have plenty of opportunities in the future.  Also, we finally finished our registry @ Buy Buy Baby!  Now the registries are complete. *Whew*  I’m glad that’s over. 

Monday we had our monthly doctor’s appointment.  Everything is going well.  The doc said that the pregnancy is viable, meaning, if for some reason I deliver early, the baby will survive.  Of course, he told me not to dwell on that information, it was good to know.  Next month, I will have my glucose test.  After that appointment, the visits will be every two weeks! I remember meeting with the OB coordinator at the beginning of the pregnancy. She went over the schedule of appointments…then every two week ones seemed so far away! Now, they’re practically here! Before you know it, I’ll be in Labor and Delivery!  

I’ve booked our childbirth class but I still have to book the breastfeeding and infant CPR class. 

The crib was delivered this morning! They offered to assemble it but my Hubby wants to do it himself. Over the next couple of weeks, we will purchase the mattress, glider and bedding.  Once those items are in the house, maybe I will relax.  We are still getting gifts. Last week we recieved the monitor system.  So, we are getting all of the safety items first!LOL 

This past weekend, I started having pelvic joint pain. Apparently, this the beginning of the “spread”.  The pain comes and goes.  However, it was really bad at work a couple of days ago.  Now, my co-worker is hounding me to go to the doctor.   I love her but she’s driving me nuts!LOL  It’s not a steady pain and according to books and the internet, it occurs.  If it persists and gets worse, I’ll seek medical attention.  


The crib....ready and waiting for assembly!

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