So yesterday I did the post about traveling to get my hair done. I called and left a message @ my stylist shop saying I needed to cancel my appointment for today. By the time I got off last night(midnight), I hadn’t received a response. So I sent him a text asking if he got the message. He responded that he had, and made a little comment about me kicking him to the curb and said he would call me today. I talked to him not long ago and I’m a little annoyed. He asked me what was going on. I told him that it is costly for me go every 2 weeks so I will need to cut it back to once a month. A girl here will do the maintenance(wash and style) the weeks in between. He proceeds to say, “Well I don’t understand am I only going to be doing your relaxers?”  I reminded him that I get a relaxer every 8weeks. Therefore, I would see him at the half way point for wash and treatment and then relaxer(essentially twice in the cycle). So he seemed to get a little annoyed which made me even more annoyed.

Here is the deal with my stylist. I have been going to him for 2 years. I started going to him before my wedding. We got married in Charlotte and I wanted a local stylist there to do my hair. I hired him to do not only my hair but the entire wedding party, including MIL and Godmothers. My Matron of Honor has been going to him ever since(she lives there). Two members of her church now go to him and her mother sometimes. Also, I had a friend of one of my brothers go there at least once.

That being said, my issue is this, I have been, loyally, driving a total of 2 hrs there and back(against my husband’s wishes) for 2 years every 2 weeks. He has gained at least 4 regular clients because of me. So my thing is the fact that I need to cut back should be understood. When he raised his prices a few months ago, due to the rising cost of living, I didn’t scoff, I paid. So how hard is to understand that the same cost of living increase you’re experiencing, your clients are feeling it too. We have debts we want to payoff and projects we want to save for. I understand that it may be a stylist loyalty. Who is more crazy loyal than a person who will pass up a city full of stylist to drive an hour out of the way to get her hair done?

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    You go girl

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