All Grown Up

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Atlanta for a good friend’s baby shower.  It is a great thing when you can be truly happy for someone other than yourself.  (Some people haven’t discovered how to do that yet.)  There were friends   that I’ve know forever and ones that I’ve known just a few years, at the shower. Sitting there with all of us talking and have a great time, it hit me…we’re all grown up!!! LOL The conversation topics  have changed from sleepovers, what are you wearing, ask your mom if you can go,  and he’s so cute (Ok this one has not change!) to babies, careers, bills, husbands and homes.

I can remember being a kid and going through store catalogs picking out the clothes for my “adult” self and fantasy husband. I would pick furniture and curtains for my home and bedding and a crib for my child.  Now I’m living that (minus the crib). Being an adult is not as easy as I thought it would be back then, but I’m loving it and learning every step of the way….and so are my friends.


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