A Week in My Life


  • First and foremost, the final season of Oprah started on Monday. I, being the O fan that I am, swapped my normal Monday work duties with a co-worker.  I was able to watch it uninterrupted! It was worth it:) 
  •  Tuesday, we met with the pediatrician we’ve chosen for the baby.  She came highly recommended by one of Hubby’s co-workers.  It’s a practice of 7 female doctors, that’s just how it has worked out.  We met with Dr. Greene and really liked her.  I’m now in the process of filling out the office paperwork for the little one.  I must say, it’s like signing a mortgage. There seems to be no end! 
  • We started packing the hospital bags.  So far, we have the toiletries, tennis balls(for massages before I get the epi) and a framed picture of my parents.  I know they are always with me spiritually, but I want their smiling  faces there to see the birth of their newest grandchild:)  I can’t believe I only have one picture of them together! However, it’s a good one! Hubby didn’t know I planned to take a picture of them with us, until I had him put it in the bag.  He loves the idea.
  • The shelves I ordered, for the nursery from The Container Store, one of my FAVORITE stores, have arrived! Now, we can put them up and put the little one’s toys and family pics on them. I can’t wait to see how it will look:) 
  • I mailed our deposit for our maternity photo shoot, in October, with our fabulous, photog friend Wendy!  She shot our engagement and wedding photos.( The pics in the About section and the Who’s That Girl? post are her work)  Can’t wait to be her subject again!
  • Our first baby shower has finally arrived! It’s tomorrow afternoon.  This one is in SC and I can’t wait to see my family!  I must admit, my registry stalking has been on full tilt! I just can’t help but look at it:)  I know the two stores, at which I’m registered, aren’t in the town where I grew up.  So, checking the registry for this shower is probably useless.  However, the purchases are picking up!


Hubby packing a picture of my parents for the labor & delivery room:)

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