A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

This week has proven that there are many blissfully ignorant people in America.  My job makes it impossible for me to block out this ignorance because we (the media) thrive on airing it.  The whole “uproar” over the education speech and the heckling last night , is beyond ridiculous.

First, what exactly did parents, opposed to the speech, think the President of the United States was going to say to their children? Seriously, people! I don’t care if someone started a rumor and said certain things would be in the speech, do you not have at least one living brain cell? Is Earth not your native planet?  When has a president ever addressed school children and just start recruiting them for a political party or their personal so called “agenda”? Has that happened in your lifetime, ever?  So what if the study guide asked what the kids could do to help the president or what ever the question was? If your household had different views than that of the president, then this was the perfect opportunity for your child to address those views and/or concerns, in a civil manor.  However, when you compare him to Hitler, claim he wants to impose his “agenda” on your kids and think he plans to use some Jedi mind trick on them, you look and sound like IDIOTS!  I damn near lost my mind when we aired a soundbite of a woman, CRYING, because she quote, “Didn’t want her kids exposed to that.” TO WHAT!!! She is a prime example of  how ignorance is passed through generations! No doubt she has voiced her opinion to her children and if they are never exposed to anything else, the ignorance continues!

I’m a volunteer tutor at an adult education center.  My class is filled with adults  of all races from the ages 17 to 50+.  So, I have no doubt that there are thousands of children that needed to hear that education speech.  It may have been the motivation they needed to stay in school.  Not every child has a home where education is the focus. Not every child has parents pushing them to achieve and be the best they can be.  Not every child has someone who cares enough. Even the kids who have all of these things, could benefit from someone else reiterating those words, especially the leader of our country.

Onto  S.C. Rep. Joe Wilson and the “You lie!” outburst last night. I have watched my fair share presidential addresses.  It is always understood that if you disagree or dispute something that has been said by the president, you simply look pissed off, keep your ass in your seat and your mouth shut! What happened last night was uncalled for and disrespectful.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like him or what he stands for. It doesn’t matter if you voted for him or not.  I didn’t vote for President George W. Bush and was not a fan at all! However, when he came to town last year and the motorcade came by my job, I excitedly stood outside and waited to see it.  Why? Because he was the The President of the United States of America! That title ALONE demands respect.  That level of respect does not diminish because the race of the person holding the title has changed, the party holding the title has changed or  policy has changed.

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