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I passed my 3hr glucose test! I was so relieved, I cried!(Of course) I plan to continue my diet for the remainder of the pregnancy(allowing for some treats along the way:). Thanks for everyone’s prayers. 

Additional baby news:

  • Our all day childbirth class is this coming Saturday!! I’m very excited. 
  • Next Tuesday is our first “every 2 week” doctor’s appointment.
  • I have scheduled our pre-natal interview with a pediatrician.  It’s an all female doctor practice.  I found it a few months ago and it was at the top of a recommendation list from Hubby’s co-worker. *We’ll more than likely go with them. I’m not up for interviewing 20 doctors*
  • The first shower is 2 weeks from Saturday!

Other news:

  • My writing tutee missed passing the writing portion of her GED exam by 2pts! She will take the test again in a few weeks.  Trust me, starting where she did and missing by only 2pts is a huge accomplishment! We’ll get back to business next week.
  • I also agreed to take on another writing tutee. She’s preparing to take the test in early October.  I hadn’t planned on taking on any new tutees, but it’s only for a few weeks.  I couldn’t say no to helping someone accomplish such a major life goal.

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