A Few Questions

It’s Friday!! For me at least. Our house is in need of some cleaning. I guess I’ll be doing that and preparing for my NYC trip next week. Hopefully next week will fly by. I’m ready for my mini vacation. I wonder how much I can cram into 4 days.

Just a thought

Last night, on my dinner break, I went out in search of the Sex and the City dvd(Extended Cut of course). Best Buy was out so I went to Target, they had it! Yes, I started watching it at work last night and finished it up a few minutes ago. (Gotta love my job!) Yes, I will watch it numerous times in the coming days!!

Anyway, as I was paying for the dvd, this couple with a screaming kid got in the line a few people behind me. He was fully launched into the crying yell repeatedly saying “I wanted a book!” My feelings for the kid and his parents were the same that I have for parents with kids that make noise in church….Shut your kid up or take them to the crying room PLEASE! Unfortunately. there isn’t a crying room in Target. I’m sure my response is typical for an adult who doesn’t have any children. So I have a few questions for people that do have kids or that are around kids alot:

1. To parents of screaming kids in public places: Does the screaming and crying not bother you at all? If so, why do you never attempt to discipline the kid or remove them from area they are disturbing?

2. To the parents last night: Would it have killed you to buy the damn book? As the cashier said last night, “buy the book he won’t want them in a few years.”

3. To screaming kids and those of us who were once screaming kids: Why the verbal repetition of the thing you wanted to see, do, eat or get? Obviously they heard you the first time and could care less. For all of us who annoyed by you throwing a tantrum when we are trying to take in the word of the Lord, eat, shop or watch a movie…the repetition is just salt on a open wound. So please just suck it up and SHUT UP!!!


I really do like kids and their parents…really I do!!!LOL


  • Reply Husband September 24, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    I will remind you of all of this in a few years

  • Reply Ronetta September 28, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    When you are a parent, it is very easy to tune out your child’s little tantrums. If you give him what he wants just because he is screaming he will think that is all he have to do in order to get his way.

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